Validator: Iso13616IBANValidator/Attribute

*Added to library on 9th November 2009.

Currently supports ALL 46 countries included in version 16 (Nov 2009) of the official register held at SWIFT:

AL (Albania),AD (Andorra),AT (Austria),BE (Belgium),BA (Bosnia and Herzegovina),BG (Bulgaria),HR (Croatia),CY (Cyprus),CZ (Czech Republic),DK (Denmark),EE (Estonia),FI (Finland),FR (France),DE (Germany),GI (Gibraltar),GR (Greece),HU (Hungary),IS (Iceland),IE (Ireland),IL (Israel),IT (Italy),LV (Latvia),LI (Liechtenstein),LT (Lithuania),LU (Luxembourg),MK (Macedonia),MT (Malta),MU (Mauritius),MC (Monaco),ME (Montenegro),NL (The Netherlands),NO (Norway),PL (Poland),PT (Portugal),RO (Romania),SM (San Marino),SA (Saudi Arabia),RS (Serbia),SK (Slovak Republic),SI (Slovenia),ES (Spain),SE (Sweden),CH (Switzerland),TN (Tunisia),TR (Turkey),GB (United Kingdom)

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